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My tumblr is 7 years old? Jesus I’m getting old…

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By José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

I need this on my wall.

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Proud of my son

It should be clear that my 8-year-old son has loved his bike for the last 2 years. However, it was time for a new bike. He’d learned on that bike but had outgrown it. His great grandfather found one for him someone was getting rid of, but it wasn’t in the best shape and was one gear which made dealing with the hill our neighborhood is on difficult. So on Thursday his new bike arrived and by yesterday afternoon he was all good on it. It’s got gears and handbrakes, things he’d never dealt with before, and truth be told I was a little nervous with the hill and him learning the handbrakes.

The neighbor boy is a few years younger and pals around with my son and some of the other kids. But, he’s not had a bike and I think he’s felt a little left out not being able to keep up on his scooter. Yesterday my son gave him his old bike and I only found out when I saw the neighbor boy zipping down the hill on it. 

I’m not sure which kid is happier with their new bike.

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A couple months ago I shared some GIFs of invisible things, and I finally got around to putting them together in this video:

When light travels through areas of different air density, it bends. You’ve probably noticed the way distant pavement seems to shimmer on a hot day, or the way stars appear to twinkle. You’re seeing light that has been distorted as it passes through varying air densities, which are in turn created by varying temperatures and pressures.

Schlieren Flow Visualization can be used to visually capture these changes in density: the rising heat from a candle, the turbulence around an airplane wing, the plume of a sneeze … even sound.  Special thanks to Mike Hargather, a professor of mechanical engineering at New Mexico Tech, who kindly provided a lot of these videos.

I’m totally Schlieren right now. Amazing sights of sounds.

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No snow storm is complete without donuts. (Yes, my plate is ‘BMWFTW’)

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Yo cord cutters!
Want to watch Olympic coverage? The BBC and The Hola Unblocker extension for Chrome or Firefox are your friends. Check it out.

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New plates for Sabine.

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Kennebunkport, Maine